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Shopee 00Thomas Stewart & Patricia O’Connell – WOO, WOW, AND WIN : Service Design, Strategy, And the Art of Customer Delight
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WOO, WOW, AND WIN : Service Design, Strategy, And the Art of Customer Delight

Patricia O'Connell, Thomas A. Stewart
Patricia O'Connell, Thomas A. Stewart


Learn How To Design Service To Create A Memorable, Captivating Empathetic Customer Experiences & Create Sustainable Winning Edge

ISBN 9780062415691
Author Patricia O'Connell, Thomas A. Stewart
Book Condition BRAND NEW
Publisher HarperCollin
Publication Date 29/12/2016
Pages 336
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Dimension 24 × 16 × 3 cm
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★★ Close the gap between your strategy, the promise you make, and the experience you deliver★★
★★ Excellent book for contemporary Customer Experiences. ★★
★★ Great at incorporating today’s online engagement.★★
☞ Pleasing customers isn’t enough!

☞ Forget about surprising and delighting customers!

Just delight customers—the right customers for you—by designing and delivering experiences that are rooted in empathy and will advance your strategy.

In this pioneering guide, two business authorities introduce the new discipline of Service Design and reveal why trying new strategies for pleasing customers isn’t enough to differentiate your business—it needs to be designed for service from the ground up. To delight your customers—to woo, wow, and win them—you must design your service to create memorable, empathetic experiences that meet their expectations and advance your strategy.
Bestselling authors and business experts Thomas Stewart and Patricia O’Connell focus on the importance of service design for companies. They show how to evaluate customer interactions and assess your ability to design and deliver great experiences, as well as build innovation into your business model and align your company culture with the strategy and design you have chosen. Learn how to enlist your customers as collaborators in your success.
Woo, Wow, and Win shows how businesses of all kinds—B2B, B2C, across a wide variety of industries—are using service design to differentiate their services, build customer loyalty, and create lasting relationships. Get clear, practical strategies for designing and delivering great customer experiences, from beginning to end.
Woo, Wow, and Win reveals the importance of designing your company around service, and offers clear, practical strategies based on the idea that the design of services is markedly different than manufacturing. Authors contend that most companies, both digital and brick-and-mortar, B2B or B2C; are not designed for service—to provide an experience that matches a customer’s expectations with every interaction and serves the company’s needs.
They offer services businesses clear, practical strategies for designing and delivering great customer experiences—a distinctly different exercise than it is in manufacturing. You will learn that :

① The design of a service—the experience it creates, the value it delivers—is an essential element of strategy for every business

② Excellence in service needs to be built in, not painted on at the end

③ Great service should be free—well-designed service pays for itself and then some

④ Service design and delivery is a sustainable, repeatable, and profitable way to differentiate your company and find and serve the right customers
When customers have more choices than ever before, study after study reveals that it’s the experience that makes the difference. To provide great experiences that keep customers coming back, businesses must design their services with as much care as their products. Stewart and O’Connell outlines the five principles that should guide service design and connect it to your strategy.

1. The customer is always right – if the customer is right for you

2. Don’t surprise and delight your customers – just delight them

3. Great service must not require heroic efforts

4. Great service must deliver coherent experience across all channels And then a fifth, for good luck:

5. Continuous innovation.
Service Design is proactive—it is about delivering on your promise to customers in accordance with your strategy, not about acceding to customer dictates. Woo, Wow, and Win teaches you how to create “Ahh-ha” moments—when the customer makes a positive judgment—and to avoid “Ow” moments—when you lose a sale or, worse, customer trust. You’ll learn :

◆ how to map and evaluate all your interactions with customers;

◆ how to evaluate your ability to design and deliver great experiences;

◆ how to build innovation into your business model;

◆ and how to align your culture with the strategy and design you have selected.
Whether you’re giving a haircut, selling life insurance, or managing an office building, your customer is as much a part of your business as your employees are. Together, you and customers create a bank of trust; fueled by knowledge of each other’s skills and preferences. This is Customer Capital, the authors explain, and it is jointly owned. But it’s up to you to manage it profitably.
Innovative yet grounded in real world examples, Woo, Wow, and Win is the key strategy for winning customers—and keeping them. Drawing on deep research and examples from industries as diverse as airlines and brokerages, hospitals and hospitality, consulting and construction, Stewart and O’Connell show how to apply the principles of service design in ways that uniquely fit your strategy.
And the authors demonstrate how to use service design to set customers’ expectations—and meet them in every interaction, in every channel, every time.
About the Author
Thomas A. Stewart is a bestselling author, an authority on intellectual capital and knowledge management, and an influential thought leader on global management issues and ideas. His books include Intellectual Capital and The Wealth of Knowledge. He is the executive director of the National Center for the Middle Market at the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University and has served as chief marketing and knowledge officer for Booz & Company, as well as the editor and managing director of Harvard Business Review.

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