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Unshakeable : Your Financial Freedom Playbook

UNSHAKEABLE : Your Financial Freedom Playbook

Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins


Step-By-Step Guide To Achieve Financial Freedom & Security By Creating Peace Of Mind In A World Of Volatility

ISBN 9780008245856
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Publication Date 18/09/2018
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After interviewing fifty of the world’s greatest financial minds, and penning the #1 New York Times best seller Money: Master the Game, Tony Robbins returns with a step-by-step playbook, taking you on a journey to transform your financial life and accelerate your path to financial freedom.
No matter your salary, your stage of life, or when you started, this book will provide the tools to help you achieve your financial goals more rapidly than you ever thought possible. Market corrections are as constant as seasons are in nature. There have been 30 such corrections in the past 30 years, yet there’s never been an action plan for how not only to survive, but thrive through each change in the stock market.
Building upon the principles in Money: Master the Game, Robbins offers the reader specific steps they can implement to protect their investments while maximizing their wealth. It’s a detailed guide designed for investors, articulated in the common-sense, practical manner that the millions of loyal Robbins fans and students have come to expect and rely upon.

Few have navigated the turbulence of the stock market as adeptly and successfully as Tony Robbins. His proven, consistent success over decades makes him singularly qualified to help investors (both seasoned and first-timers alike) preserve and add to their investments. Robbins, who has coached more than fifty million people from 100 countries, is the world’s #1 life and business strategist. In this book, he teams up with Peter Mallouk, the only man in history to be ranked the #1 financial advisor in the U.S. for three consecutive years by Barron’s.
Together they reveal how to become unshakeable—someone who can not only maintain true peace of mind in a world of immense uncertainty, economic volatility, and unprecedented change, but who can profit from the fear that immobilizes so many :
● How to put together a simple, actionable plan that will deliver true financial freedom.
● How a few simple steps can add a decade or more of additional retirement income by discovering what your 401(k) provider doesn’t want you to know.
● Strategies from the world’s top investors on how to protect yourself and your family and maximize profit from the inevitable crashes and corrections to come.
● The fastest way to put money back in your pocket: uncover the hidden fees and half truths of Wall Street—how the biggest firms keep you overpaying for underperformance.
● The core four principles that most of the world’s greatest financial minds utilize so that you can maximize upside and minimize downside.
● Master the mind-set of true wealth and experience the fulfillment you deserve today.
One of the favorite things about this book compared to other books on personal finance is that Tony includes a whole section regarding the psychology of money. Tony Robbins is awesome for transforming people’s lives by changing their mindsets. He talks about how we can have something called a “confirmation bias,” in which we seek out information that confirms what we believe.
When researching a product we ‘d like to buy, I’ll search dozens of websites and reviews. In reality, I’m not looking for feedback, rather looking for confirmation that I’m making the right decision. To combat this, when it comes to a new investment, ask yourself, “What am I failing to see and anticipate? What’s the downside? Where could I be wrong? How can I deepen my knowledge?”
If you are new to personal finance or are looking to brush up on your skills, I would definitely recommend this book. You may still find that you want to delve in deeper with “Money: Master the Game,” but “Unshakeable” is great for giving a basic idea of what investing looks like and the common mistakes that cost people thousands.
The author is experienced in personal development. So, he mentioned that the most important thing is fulfillment and gratitude as most of us think that more money will give them more joy or solve all of their problems. It is true because many wealthy people are not happier and sometimes they are feeling worse than they was when they don’t have money. You can notice this if you know someone who have a lot of money. Sometimes you are happier than him. Because he always think about his wealth and overwhelm himself with his investment.
In addition, some wealthy people don’t have a comfortable sleep, because the money is dominating all of their thinking. This wonderful concept about money that he mentioned on his book that it magnifies who you are. In another word, if you are bad it will magnify you…etc. So, the take away here is to be generous and having good intentions first before you have the money.
Being a person with a good intention is a preparation for you to act good when you will have money because anyone who master the art of saving and investing could easily have an abundance in money. He also stressed on the point of diversification and the importance to diversify your investment on multiple countries and multiple investment sectors.
However, at the end of his book he mentioned that this is not a financial advise that you follow blindly. You need to involve your thinking and the opinion of your financial advisor before investing.
Robbins, who has coached more than fifty million people from 100 countries, is the world’s #1 life and business strategist. In this book, he teams up with Peter Mallouk, the only man in history to be ranked the #1 financial advisor in the US for three consecutive years by Barron’s. Together they reveal how to become unshakeable–someone who can not only maintain true peace of mind in a world of immense uncertainty, economic volatility, and unprecedented change, but who can profit from the fear that immobilizes so many.
Favorite Quote: “Remember people can be sincere – and sincerely wrong.”
Review From Forbes :
‘Unshakeable’ Tony Robbins On The 5 Biggest Mistakes Investors Make
Tony Robbins (also known as Anthony Robbins) interviewed more than 50 of the world’s top investors for his last book, “Money: Master the Game,” a New York Times bestseller that’s sold more than a million copies since it came out in 2015. Now, Robbins—whose personal and business development seminars and books have reached an estimated 50 million people—is back with a new book aimed at helping investors avoid making mistakes driven by fear or ignorance.
Robbins describes “Unshakeable,” which he wrote with advisor and Creative Planning president Peter Mallouk, as “a financial playbook that dispels fear with facts,” and plans to donate all proceeds to hunger-relief organization Feeding America. “I really wanted to write a book to show what you can do when everybody else is afraid to get that peace of mind,” said Robbins. “I want to protect people, but I also want them to see how this could be an opportunity for the greatest growth.”
We talked to Robbins about some of the most common mistakes investors make—and how to avoid them.
① Failing to take advantage of compounding. That’s essentially returns you get on your returns. And over time, it can really add up. Robbins uses the example of someone who invests $300 monthly for eight years until he’s 27, investing a total of $28,800. Even if he doesn’t invest another penny, says Robbins, he’ll have close to $2 million when he retires at 65 if the market continues to compound like it has over time (at 10 percent or more annually on average). If his friend doesn’t start until he’s 28 and invests $300 a month until he’s 65, he’ll have invested almost $140,000. But the amount he makes through compounding will be nearly $300,000 less than his friend, says Robbins. “He’ll be investing longer and more—and he’ll end up with less.” Bottom line: Time is your greatest asset when it comes to investing. The sooner you start, the more time you have to benefit from compounding.
② Trying to time the market. Robbins points out that in the last two decades, there’s been about an 8.2 percent compounded annual return for the S&P 500. But if you missed the 10 best trading days in that 20-year period, your returns drop to 4.5 percent, according to an analysis by the Schwab Center for Financial Research. He urges readers to invest for the long term, and not to panic-sell when the market dips.
③ Paying too much in fees. “You can do all the right things. But if you are investing like most people are, you don’t even know all the fees you’re paying,” says Robbins. “You don’t just compound your money over time, you compound your fees.” That means asking what your advisor charges—Robbins recommends seeking out registered advisors who are fiduciaries, meaning they pledge to put your interests ahead of their firm’s or their own—and looking at the “expense ratio” and any additional fees for funds you invest in. ”If you’re paying more than 1 percent, you’re overpaying,” says Robbins.
④ Not diversifying. “You need to diversify across asset classes and within asset classes and across economies and time,” says Robbins. That means investing, for example, in stocks and bonds and real estate—and in small, large, domestic and foreign companies, and corporate and government bonds with different payout dates. That way, even if one sector—or asset class—loses value, you still have other investments to keep you afloat.
The biggest mistake of all? Not getting into the game, as Robbins puts it. “People wait, wondering when it’s the right time to get into the market. It’s never the right time. And it’s always the right time,” he says. “You just have to get in.”
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