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The 80/20 Manager : The Secret to Working Less and Achieving More

Richard Koch
Brand-new, Paperback


How The Secret of 80/20 Principle Works More Effectively & Getting Better Results In A Fraction Of Time

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ISBN 9780316400763
Publisher Little Brown & Company
Publication Date 4/11/2013
Pages 288
Weight 330 g
Dimension 23.4 × 15.3 × 2 cm
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This International bestseller in paperback edition is a bran-new book and nicely wrapped with protective book-wrapper. The original new book is sold at usual price RM71.40. Now here Only at RM18.

In the new work environment in which managers have more work and less resources, The 80/20 Manager convincingly guides leaders on how to get the desired results from their teams without excessive effort.

Managers who feel overwhelmed by their workloads may want to try some of the techniques presented in the book, such as selecting and completing one priority daily before giving in to email and other distractions.

Bestselling author Richard Koch shows managers how to apply the 80/20 Principle to achieve exceptional results at work–without stress or long hours.

In his bestselling book The 80/20 Principle, Richard Koch showed readers how to put the 80/20 Principle–the idea that 80 percent of results come from just 20 percent of effort–into practice in their personal lives.

Now in THE 80/20 MANAGER, he demonstrates how to apply the principle to management. An 80/20 manager learns to focus only on the issues that really matter, achieving exceptional results, and feeling successful everyday while working less hard in fewer hours.

A large number of managers–especially in these difficult times–feel completely overwhelmed. Their inboxes are overflowing and they constantly struggle to finish their to-do lists, leaving little time for the things that really matter. THE 80/20 MANAGER shows a new way to look at management–and at life–to enjoy work and build a successful and fulfilling career.

The book is built on the premise of the 80/20 rule and how to apply it to reduce the clutter and achieve more focused and productive results. As Apple’s iPod capitalized on the “20 percent of features that 80 percent of users actually use,” managers can employ similar techniques.

Building on his The 80/20 Principle (1997), Koch presents 10 ways to be an 80/20 manager, including how to be a superconnecting manager, a liberating manager, a time-rich manager, or a simplifying manager like Alan Mulally of Ford.

These simple, practical techniques can be tried individually or together, although some may not work for everyone. Good advice of widespread appeal.

This book applies that principle to your role as a manager. There are ten managerial traits that allow you to get your best results and your team’s best results without using unnecessary effort.

To keep managers from falling prey to this problem, Koch provides 10 ways to enable leaders to put the thrust of their efforts into the “20” to get the “80” in return.

Executives should note that the 10 ways are not steps in a process. They are to be taken a la carte at the author’s direction. Koch writes, “Being brilliant at one of the 10 ways will take you an awful lot further than being competent at all 10.”

Each of the ways Koch describes, whether it’s developing a questioning mind, becoming a “superconnector” or piercing your work through simplification, is well-crafted and can be quickly applied by readers.

Short and painless book, but full of good information. I recommend it.

About the Author
Richard Koch is the bestselling author of The 80/20 Principle, which has sold over a million copies and been published in thirty-one languages. He is also a highly successful entrepreneur and investor, whose ventures have included Filofax, Plymouth Gin, Belgo, and Betfair. He was formerly a partner of Bain & Company and co-founder of LEK Consulting. He is British and lives in Portugal.

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