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Rachel McIntyre – THE #1 RULE FOR GIRLS : Love Is All You Need?

THE #1 RULE FOR GIRLS : Love Is All You Need?

Rachel McIntyre


New Comedy Drama Young Adult Fiction

ISBN 9781405273459
Book Condition LIKE NEW
Publisher Egmont Books Ltd
Publication Date 15 Apr 2016
Pages 320
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★★ New comedy drama from the acclaimed author of Me & Mr J.★★
Daisy knows a thing or two about love and romance. She’s surrounded by it – in fact, there’s no escape! Not only are her parents childhood sweethearts turned soulmates, they also run the very successful wedding agency ‘Something Borrowed’, helping couples to tie the knot in whatever frilly, quirky, tasteful, outrageous way they choose.
So it’s no surprise that Daisy has a pretty clear vision of how her life with boyfriend Matt is going to pan out.
There’s one major flaw in this plan – Matt and Daisy have split up! Determined not to brood, Daisy sets out to re-invent her life and her dreams. And that’s when Toby enters the scene, who appears to be perfect, but is turning all the Rules upside down…

An irresistable exploration of post break-up life featuring Rachel McIntyre’s trademark wit and observation. Daisy’s parents are each other’s soul mates and Daisy knows what true love is because she witnesses it every day. She thought she found something just like it, but then her boyfriend Matt moved to Spain and left her behind. She’s heartbroken and because she can’t face the reactions of all of her college friends she decides to transfer to another school.
Daisy’s parents have a wedding agency and she’s constantly surrounded by love. She wants to have that in her life again. Matt has moved on and it’s time for her to do the same. At her new school she meets someone who seems to be ideal. His name is Toby and he’s handsome, he’s smart and he’s generous. Only is Toby really as perfect as Daisy thinks he is?
The #1 Rule for Girls is a book about friendship, relationships, love and making the right decisions. Daisy is confident at first, but she can’t seem to find back her happiness and that means she’s starting to lose some of her self-esteem. She’s such a fantastic main character. I loved the way she dresses and enjoyed reading Rachel McIntyre’s descriptions of her outfits.
Daisy’s mother makes most of her clothes and she always has something unique to wear. She likes bold colors and isn’t afraid to wear them. Her favorite shoes are pink Dr. Martens, a detail I liked a lot. Another fabulous thing about her is the way she talks. Daisy knows who she is and she has a great personality.
Rachel McIntyre has a wonderful sense of humor. Daisy is funny and she’s bold. I like how her mind works and she isn’t afraid to tell people the truth which is refreshing. The main topic of this story is a very good one. Not every guy is nice and there are early signs that tell you a lot about a person. Only sometimes it isn’t easy to see them, especially when you really want things to be different. Rachel McIntyre uses these signs for her story in a clever way.
Fortunately Daisy has a close friend who always has her back. Friendship is important and Daisy is lucky in that area. She struggles because her friends are in a different school though and it’s easy to feel left out in a situation like that. She’s going through something realistic and real that could happen to any girl who’s unhappy, which is an interesting idea for a story.
Because Daisy is so accessible it was easy to sympathize with her. The #1 Rule for Girls is a fantastic book and I highly recommend it.
Review From The Guardian :
Every time I pick up a British book I realise that I spend most of my life reading YA literature from the US (Cases in point: Lobsters by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivinson and House of Windows by Alexia Casale) and The #1 Rule for Girls was no different.
This book sounded REALLY good to me. When you’re a kid, everything you hear is a fairy tale. When you grow up, all people tell you is that life isn’t like a fairy tale, and most YA contemporary books follow that to some extent.
There’s always a divorce, an affair, or unhappy people somewhere, and while that’s more probably realistic, The #1 Rule For Girls was such a HAPPY book, it made me smile!
What in the world am I talking about, you may ask?
The Number 1 Rule for Girls by Rachel McIntyre. Daisy, the protagonist’s, parents own a wedding planning company called Something Borrowed and they themselves were high school sweethearts who made it work having a baby at sixteen! There were these weddings that were just so perfect, Daisy’s parents who were still madly in love and it was all so happy it made me smile.
Daisy thought she had that kind of happiness, but it turns out her boyfriend didn’t when he moved to Spain. POOF. So much for the happily ever after that her parents had, so much for anything really.
So Daisy shifted her high school to college determined to do something different. Then comes Toby, who seems absolutely perfect. He’s gorgeous, he’s smart, he’s a broody bad boy, and now that Matt is moving on with a Spanish model, what does Daisy have to lose?
I’ll be honest, this was a tad overdone. Not every teenager exaggerates everything and every little thing is NOT the end of the world to most of us. Also, I had NO feelings for Matt. For 99% of the book, I only thought she missed him so much because she would have the same story as her parents, and NOT because of him.
There were no cute memories, no reasons why she was in love with him, just the ‘Oh, I miss Matt’ and ‘Oh he ran away to Spain to help his mother and now after I gave him an ultimatum, I won’t read his emails because he ran away and shattered all my plans’.
All in all, though, this was a happy book, with some buried-by-the-exaggeration feminism traits, and a light fluffy read.
About the Author :
Rachel studied English Literature at university and has taught English in Spain and the USA as well as the UK. While writing her first novel, Me & Mr J, she was teaching in a sixth form college in northern England, where she was reminded every day that young adults love reading and need fiction that explores the day-to-day challenges they face. Her books are perfect for girls who are moving on from Geek Girl, and who enjoy books by writers like Non Pratt, Clare Furniss, Rainbow Rowell and Paige Toon.

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