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Gary Chapman – SYNC OR SWIM : A Fable about Workplace Communication and Coming Together in a Crisis

Sync or Swim : A Fable about Workplace Communication and Coming Together in a Crisis

Gary Chapman, Harold Myra, Paul White
Gary Chapman, Harold Myra, Paul White


Before You Can Lead Change, You Must Learn To Communicate Effectively

ISBN 9780802412232
Author Gary Chapman, Harold Myra, Paul White
Book Condition BRAND NEW
Publisher Moody Press U.S.
Publication Date 1/11/2014
Pages 100
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Dimension 22.4 × 15.4 × 1.4 cm
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This #1 New York Times bestseller in hardcover edition is a bran-new book and still wrapped with new-book plastic wrapper. The original new book is sold at usual price RM83.96. Now here Only at RM20.

Sync or Swim is a small tale with enormous insight on ways you can empower, engage, and energize employees or volunteers facing discouragement or cynicism.

A refreshing, illustrated fable provides great wisdom and classic insight into the ways expressing authentic appreciation can change everythingand help us survive the storms that threaten us in work and life.

Working with a discouraged, disorganized, cynical team? Learn how to turn it around.

Sync or Swim is a small tale with enormous insight on ways you can empower, engage, and energize employees or volunteers facing discouragement or cynicism.

Sam, the new CEO, was ready to hit the ground running. But his team members—and Mother Nature—had other plans. An ambitious yet naïve sheepdog is called upon to lead Monarch Enterprises, a troubled organization on a beautiful isle.

Confronted with broken systems and challenging personality types, Sam must learn how to marshal his team before the imminent storm washes everything away. Along the way, he gleans valuable lessons from an unlikely mentor: a wise, old puffin.

This delightful, quick read will:

● Breakthrough aparthy and cynicism to inspire teamwork

● Teach you communication techniques that enhance teamwork and productivity

● Bring to life the principles used by hundreds of successful organizations

● Empower and energize frustrated colleagues

● Provide relevant, practical insights based on real-world experiences

● Create engaging work environment

● Stimulate lively and positive interaction (discussion guide included)

Based on the principles successfully used by major corporations, health organizations, over 250 colleges and universities, government agencies, churches, and non-profits.

This insightful book is motivating people on the job is a tricky task. If there is a culture of cynicism or complaining that pervades the workplace, breaking the cycle can take all the skills a leader can muster and more.

This is the problem addressed in Sync or Swim. Using the form of a fable, this brief book offers some useful principles for turning a culture around.

Sam the Shetland sheepdog faces a wide array of challenges as the new head of Monarch Enterprises, an entertainment company running a resort. Besides dealing with financial difficulties, he has quite a menagerie to lead.

Frisco is a gruff old bear who has lost faith in management. Jackson is a not so eager beaver who doesn’t think the executives have a clue what his job is about. Alana is a flamboyant, colorful bird who is a power center all on her own, with her own independent channel to the board. The old turtle, Henry, is nearing retirement after years as comptroller.

Sam, making mistakes along the way, still has to rally this group to face the storm that is about to hit their facilities, shoring up the levee and caring for vacationers. With some advice from a wise old Puffin, they pull through.

One of the strengths of the book is that everything does not tie up into a nice neat package. Problems remain even after the crisis is past. This is life in its messiness. While the book offers answers, it doesn’t pretend to be the total solution to all problems. This gives the book an authenticity and honesty that makes it more believable.

Recommended for anyone in leadership teams who want to turn a negative work culture in a positive direction.

“Sync or Swim is a quick and easy read with a simple but powerful message for anyone who hopes to effectively manage and lead others. It reminds us of what we all need to remember but too quickly forget—that everyone needs appreciation, but that everyone needs it communicated in their own unique way. This book is a beautiful introduction to the basics of the true art of appreciation in the workplace.”
— Jack Canfield | Coauthor of The Success Principles and Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work

About the Author:

GARY CHAPMAN–author, speaker, counselor–has a passion for people and for helping them form lasting relationships. He is the #1 bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages series and director of Marriage and Family Life Consultants, Inc. Gary travels the world presenting seminars, and his radio programs air on more than 400 stations. For more information visit his website at

Paul White, PhD, is a psychologist, author, and speaker who ¿makes work relationships work.” He has consulted with a wide variety of organizations, including Microsoft, the US Air Force, the Million Dollar Round Table, and Princeton University. He and Gary Chapman coauthored The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.

HAROLD MYRA served as the CEO of Christianity Today International for 32 years. Under his leadership, the organization grew from one magazine to a communications company with a dozen magazines, copublished books, and a major Internet ministry. Myra started his journalistic career with “Youth for Christ” magazine, which under his leadership became “Campus Life” magazine. Author of five novels, numerous children’s and nonfiction books, and hundreds of magazine articles, Myra has taught writing and publishing at the Wheaton College Graduate School in Illinois. He holds honorary doctorates from several colleges, including Biola University in California and Gordon College in Massachusetts. Myra has received various awards, among them the prestigious Magazine Publisher’s Award and the James Deforest Murch Award from the National Association of Evangelicals. The Evangelical Press Association presented him with its highest honor, the Joseph T. Bayly Award, for his triple career as an editor, author, and publishing executive. Harold and his wife, Jeanette, are the parents of six children and grandparents of five. They reside in Wheaton, Illinois.

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