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Strategic Connections: The New Face of Networking in a Collaborative World  – Anne Baber

STRATEGIC CONNECTIONS : The New Face Of Networking In A Collaborative World

Anne Baber, Lynne Waymon, Andre Alphonso, Jim Wylde


Offers Practical Tips On Developing The Skills & Knowledge To Become An Effective Networker

ISBN 9780814434963
Author Anne Baber, Lynne Waymon, Andre Alphonso, Jim Wylde
Book Condition BRAND NEW
Publisher AMACOM ( Harpercollins Focus )
Publication Date 16 Feb 2015
Pages 256
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Unveiling eight indispensable competencies for the new Network-Oriented Workforce, Strategic Connections provides practical advice anyone can use for building better, more productive business relationships.
Today’s organizations are collaborative. With old command-and-control methods replaced by openness and transparency, networking has become an essential professional skill – expected of everyone, at every level.Unveiling eight indispensable competencies for the new Network-Oriented Workforce.
Are you optimizing all of your contacts, connections, and relationships?
Are your networks simultaneously powering your business’s bottom line and your own career trajectory?
All this is possible in a “Network-Oriented Workplace,” where connections and collaboration go hand in hand with your company’s growth–and your success. New contacts may be just a click away–but the level of connection and collaboration you need for real success at work demands advanced face-to-face relationship-building skills. Strategic Connections gives you the tools to become a confident expert who can turn “small talk” into big career rewards.

Smartphones, social media, and the Internet can only get a professional so far. At some point, the success of an organization will depend on face-to-face relationships, which means the isolated employees trying to do everything virtually will at some point have to fall back on the tried-and-true, essential skill of relationship building if they are going to survive in today’s increasingly collaborative workforce.
Strategic Connections dispels the mistaken notion that networking involves “taking advantage” of others. The authors have spent nearly 25 years training professionals and organizations in the art of face-to-face networking, which is the heart of all real collaboration.

In this book, you’ll discover how to gain a deeper understanding of the knowledge and influence of each person you interact with–and create authentic and productive professional relationships.You’ll learn 8 must-have skills for developing strategic connections, the foundations on which these powerful interactions are built. Strategic Connections will show you how to:
◆ 1. Expand and strengthen your authentic networker identity.
◆ 2. Make even random conversations count, be purposefully selective in the networking groups you join, and create a strategic road map for networking success.
◆ 3. Envision and create your ideal network. Learn how to construct the four “Nets” that will organize and optimize your current connections while you add new ones.
◆ 4. Develop trusting relationships. Learn how to prove your trustworthiness, and how to determine which “stage of trust” you’ve reached with any contact.
◆ 5. Increase your social acumen–with tried-and-true methods for remembering names, avoiding awkward moments, boosting your likeability, and more.
◆ 6. Deepen interactions. Discover how to listen for the right things, use questions to move a relationship forward, position yourself as a “go-to” person, and use a variety of techniques for following up to make relationships even more valuable.
◆ 7. Communicate expertise. Use storytelling to answer the all-important “what do you do” question in a way that makes you more visible and memorable.
◆ 8. Create new value. Learn how to apply the tools of networking to make yourself indispensable to your organization and advance your career.
You will also discover how to:
● Commit to a positive, proactive networking mindset
● Earn trust
● Boost their social acumen and increase their likeability
● Master conversational skills and deepen interactions
● Employ storytelling to make communications memorable
Businesses don’t have to look very far to find employees with a strong presence in the different social networks. If you want to stand out and make yourself invaluable to your organization, focus on making your presence known in the company’s physical networks.
And, for anyone managing a team, Strategic Connections concludes with a practical overview of how to continue developing and supporting a Network-Oriented Workplace as it grows. This book is packed with examples, sidebars, suggested readings and a host of other powerful tools that will help you propel your career onward and upward–while you transform your organization for the better as well!
In short, Strategic Connections offers practical tips on developing the skills to become an effective networker. In an increasingly connected world, networking has never been more important. Find out which skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the new collaborative workplace.
The authors are collaborators at Contacts Count LLC, an international training and consulting firm, founded by Anne Baber and Lynne Waymon in 1990, that specializes in business networking. Baber and Waymon are the coauthors of Make Your Contacts Count. André Alphonso manages Contacts Count’s business in Australia, India, and Asia. He has more than 30 years of business and consulting experience, and specializes in training and organizational development. Jim Wylde is an organizational development specialist, a leadership coach, an experienced facilitator, and a Certified Contacts Count Trainer, working with both U.S. and international audiences.
About the AuthorS :
Anne Baber and Lynne Waymon cofounded Contacts Count, an international training firm, twenty-four years ago. They are the authors of Make Your Contacts Count.
Lynne Waymon and Anne Baber cofounded Contacts Count, an international training firm, twenty-four years ago. They are the authors of Make Your Contacts Count.
André Alphonso manages international training firm Contacts Count in Australia and India.
Jim Wylde is a principal consultant and certified trainer with Contacts Count, an international training firm.

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