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PURPOSE, INCORPORATED : Turning Cause Into Your Competitive Advantage (Autographed By Author))

Amaia McGibbon, John Wood
Amaia McGibbon, John Wood


How To Infuse Purpose Into Your Company, Career And Life

ISBN 9780692999639
Book Condition LIKE NEW
Publisher Amalia McGibbon
Publication Date 15/01/2018
Pages 234
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Purpose, Incorporated is an in-depth exploration of today’s growing shift from traditional free-market capitalism to the deep integration of purpose into the values and business model of today’s companies. It explores the myriad ways business leaders around the world are rejecting the notion that doing good is antithetical to profit and are finding ways to align purpose or societal impact with their business goals.
Too many working professionals still subscribe to the old Milton-Friedman logic that “businesses’ sole purpose is to generate profit for shareholders.” In this revolutionary book, authors John Wood and Amalia McGibbon show once and for all that cause is not the enemy of commercialism, but perhaps the new key to it.

John challenges Milton Friedman’s edict that profit reigns supreme. In today’s marketplace competing for top millennial talent, the philanthropic fabric of a company’s culture matters. The four Ps of marketing (Price, Product, Promotion, and Place) still prevail, but John makes a case for a fifth P, Purpose, that is changing the corporate landscape and transforming the social sector.
Based on over 100 interviews with entrepreneurs, executives and front-line staff, Wood and McGibbon provide a breath-taking tour of this new and inspiring world. Purpose, Incorporated documents this transformation, drawing upon the authors’ interviews with over 100 global thought leaders and executives at companies including Atlassian, BNP Paribas, Citi, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Google, Salesforce, Starbucks, and Tatcha.
You’ll learn from mom-and-pop shops and corporate giants like Google and Goldman Sachs why corporate social responsibility is more than just a buzzword or publicity stunt, but instead represents the new competitive advantage. You’ll learn how to:

● win the war for talent

● create a compelling bond with customers

● motivate employees

● reduce attrition

● appease the regulators

● and create a positive buzz on social media
Purpose Incorporated is a “permission slip” to those businesspeople who want to have a positive impact on the world, but worry the corner office or cubicle isn’t the place for it. Purpose, Incorporated illuminates how companies are using purpose to build a bond with customers, win the war for talent, motivate employees, increase social media influence, and attract the best investors, all while inspiring and shaping a generation of future business leaders.
For CEOs, boards, and leadership teams that are contemplating conscious capitalism, the book provides crucial insights into the conditions in which purpose can be harnessed as a key competitive advantage to enhance enterprise value.
A brand that is genuinely mission-driven doesn’t simply host an annual day of service or publish a casual CSR (corporate social responsibility) tweet. They also prove it on a daily basis through its corporate decisions, partnerships, and employee adoption of these values. Savvy modern media influencers are quick to scrutinize brands whose marketing doesn’t match their walk. Same goes for impactful investors who can quickly decipher the true contributors from the takers.
A business established with a mission and a vision based on values will create a workplace that makes the community and the world a better place, for a serendipitous win-win-win. The purpose driven company also attracts altruistic investors. Shareholders profit, the employees are engaged, and a scalable solution to a social problem evolves. Partnering with nonprofits who align with their mission provides one more critical method of engagement.
“The bottom line is this: purpose connects, and connections are good for business.” The B Corp, a company that includes written social and/or environmental missions into its founding articles of incorporation, is here to stay and paving the way.
Work no longer has to be a four-letter word. Hours logged, workspace and labor/life alignment are more flexible than ever before. The choice is yours, and if you choose purpose, chances are you will live a longer, happier, and healthier life.
About the Authors :
John Wood is the founder of Room to Read and the author of Leaving Microsoft to Change the World. Named as one of the top ten business narratives of 2006 by Amazon and a top-ten nonfiction title by Hudson Books, the memoir was published in twenty-two languages. John was named by Goldman Sachs as one of the world’s one hundred most intriguing entrepreneurs. He is a Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute and a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, and he was awarded Microsoft’s Alumni of the Year award by Bill and Melinda Gates. At the invitation of Bill Clinton, he served four terms on the advisory board of the Clinton Global Initiative. John lives in Hong Kong with his wife, Amy Powell. His hobbies include trail running, hiking, skiing, reading, and wine.
Amalia McGibbon works for Social Good & Goodwill at Facebook. She’s also a freelance food and travel writer, an avid photographer, and the author of the Amazon bestseller The Choice Effect. She lives in San Francisco with her husband, Florian.

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