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MIor Azli Mior Md Isa – LEADING THE WAY : 99 Perspectives On Leadership & Leadership Development

LEADING THE WAY : 99 Perspectives On Leadership & Leadership Development

Mior Azli Mior Md Isa


Insights And Practical Strategies For Developing Dynamic Leaders

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ISBN 9786299861706
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Publisher Mior Azli Mior Md Isa
Publication Date 01 Nov 2023
Pages 380
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Embark on a captivating journey into the realm of leadership with ‘Leading The Way – 99 Perspectives on Leadership and Leadership Development,’ authored by Mior Azli Mior Md Isa. In this enchanting exploration of leadership intricacies, Mior offers us 99 unique perspectives on how to excel as a leader and foster leadership skills.
As you turn the pages, you’ll encounter anecdotes and stories that breathe life into each perspective. Mior’s engaging storytelling and poems adds vitality to the subject, making it an enjoyable and enlightening read. You’ll find yourself drawn into the world of leadership, inspired to apply these ideas to your own journey. It aims to help learning and talent development professionals, managers, and executives understand the complexities of leadership and develop their own unique blend of leadership skills and capabilities
Within this book, you’ll discover 99 distinct perspectives, each akin to a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. When combined within one of the ten parts of the book, they unveil a comprehensive view of the designated theme. These intertwining perspectives aim to provide a glimpse into the essence of leadership and its development.

● Part 1, “Leadership Insights Unveiled” (Perspectives 1 to 12), initiates a general discussion on leadership and leadership development, emphasizing the importance of understanding these foundational concepts.
● Part 2, “Leadership Styles” (Perspectives 13 to 22), delves into nine unique leadership styles, accompanied by illustrative stories. Recognizing that different challenges require different leadership styles, Mior’s hope is to equip readers with the agility and flexibility needed for effective leadership.

Part 1 is the science of leadership, and Part 2 is the art of leadership. By harmonizing the art and science of leading, the aspiration is to enable readers to approach any leadership scenario with precision.
● In Part 3, “Cultivating Effective Leaders” (Perspectives 23 to 35), the spotlight is on the Culture of Champions (COC) program, an influential initiative for developing effective leaders. Rooted in nearly three decades of research, this program lays a robust foundation for leadership development and serves as an entry point into this realm.
● Part 4, “Exploring Leadership Mindsets” (Perspectives 36 to 47), further explores the COC program, emphasizing the importance of fostering Growth Mindset, Leadership Mindset, Business Mindset, and Collaborative Mindset. The program is designed to cultivate leadership skills at all organizational levels, offering clear objectives and practical applicability in the real world.
● In Part 5, “V.U.C.A. & Sustainability Dynamics” (Perspectives 48 to 51), we delve into the connection between leadership and V.U.C.A., as well as its relevance to Sustainability, ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance), and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) contexts, a pressing topic in today’s world.
● Part 6, “Leadership: Contextual Perspectives” (Perspectives 52 to 59), dissects leadership and leadership development within specific work contexts, catering to Entrepreneurs, NGOs, SMEs, and Consultants. This detailed examination ensures that leadership development is tailored to each unique setting.
● Part 7, “Leadership Blueprint Unveiled” (Perspectives 60 to 73), discusses the blueprint for effective leadership, encompassing elements like essence, aspiration, purpose, promise, core values, brand, and identity. These principles guide and inform leadership practices.
● Part 8, “Leadership Development Mediums” (Perspectives 74 to 86) sheds light on six mediums for implementing leadership development: coaching, mentoring, counseling, facilitating, training, and consulting. This section clarifies the distinctions between these mediums, addressing common misconceptions.
● Part 9, “Shaping Organizational Energy” (Perspectives 87 to 96), offers a diverse collection of topics that enhance personal growth, promote positive environments, and transform leadership within organizations. It delves into self-discovery, psychological safety, leadership’s role in influencing organizational culture, and techniques like auto-suggestion, visualization, and spaced repetition.
● Part 10, “Quranic Leadership Insights” (Perspectives 97 to 99), concludes the book by highlighting guidance from the Quran for leadership development, reminding us that leadership transcends secular approaches and encompasses the spiritual realm.
‘Leading The Way’ isn’t just a book; it’s a captivating journey into the multifaceted nature of leadership. Mior’s 99 perspectives provide a holistic view of leadership and its development, making it an essential read for anyone aspiring to become a better leader or seeking to understand the intricate dance of leadership in the modern world.
The book is a compilation of the author’s own experience and what she has learned over a career of almost 40 years, offering a blend of personal stories, history, information, and ideas
It is a comprehensive and engaging exploration of leadership and leadership development. Here is a review of the book :

◆ Diverse and Comprehensive Perspective: The book’s approach to leadership is commendable as it offers 99 unique perspectives on the subject. This diverse range of viewpoints is likely to appeal to a broad audience, catering to both those new to leadership and seasoned leaders looking for fresh insights.
◆ Engaging Storytelling: The author’s use of anecdotes and stories to illustrate each perspective adds a layer of depth and relatability to the content. This storytelling approach can make the often-complex topic of leadership more accessible and engaging.
◆ Holistic Exploration: The book is divided into ten parts, each focusing on different aspects of leadership, from foundational concepts to specific contexts, development mediums, and even a spiritual perspective. This organization appears to provide a well-rounded and holistic exploration of leadership.
◆ Balance Between Art and Science: By emphasizing the harmonization of the art and science of leadership, the book aims to equip readers with a well-rounded understanding of leadership. This balance is crucial, as effective leadership often requires both a strategic and a human touch.
◆ Practical Application: The book appears to offer practical insights and guidance for leadership development. For instance, the inclusion of the Culture of Champions (COC) program and discussions on mindsets and mediums for leadership development suggests a focus on practical applicability in real-world scenarios.
◆ Relevance to Contemporary Issues: Addressing topics like V.U.C.A., sustainability, and leadership within specific work contexts, the book stays relevant to contemporary leadership challenges. This relevance is important for readers looking to apply leadership principles in today’s ever-changing world.
◆ Spiritual Perspective: The inclusion of Quranic insights on leadership adds a unique dimension to the book. It acknowledges that leadership goes beyond secular approaches and explores its spiritual aspects, which can be meaningful for readers interested in this intersection.
◆ Comprehensive Blueprint: The discussion of leadership principles such as essence, aspiration, purpose, promise, core values, brand, and identity offer a comprehensive blueprint for effective leadership. These principles can serve as a valuable guide for those looking to develop their leadership skills.
In conclusion, this book appears to be a well-structured and informative resource for individuals interested in leadership and leadership development. The combination of various perspectives, practical guidance, and a spiritual dimension makes it a promising read for those aspiring to become effective leaders or seeking to deepen their understanding of leadership in today’s complex world.

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