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Leil Lowndes- HOW TO CREATE CHEMISTRY WITH ANYONE: 75 Ways to Spark It Fast & Make It Last

How to Create Chemistry with Anyone : 75 Ways to Spark It Fast–and Make It Last

Leil Lowndes
Leil Lowndes


Discover The Secrets Of Attraction & How To Sharpen Your Relationship-Building Skills

ISBN 9780738214849
Author Leil Lowndes
Book Condition BRAND NEW
Publication Date 1/1/2013
Pages 272
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Love is one of the most fundamental human needs, but the chemistry of love and attraction is fickle. One person can make your heart race with just a glance, while another just makes you yawn.
In her latest book, How to Create Chemistry with Anyone, communications expert and bestselling author Leil Lowndes unravels the mystery of human attraction and shows readers how to create and sustain chemistry with practically anyone, from the initial spark to “happily ever after.”
Chemistry affects nearly every relationship, but few people understand it.
☞ How does it work? Why does it happen?
☞ Why do you feel an instant attraction to one person and not another?
☞ And how can you use it to find love that lasts forever?
Come to discover THE SECRETS OF ATTRACTION from the international bestselling author of “How to Make Anyone Fall In Love With You”.

With her ability to deliver cutting edge information in a lighthearted style, communications expert Leil Lowndes has made a career of teaching the secrets of successful interaction.
The secrets of attraction have long eluded us, but neuroscientists have finally cracked the formula. Now communications guru Leil Lowndes reveals all with her 75 ways to spark long-lasting chemistry – anywhere, anytime and with anyone.
Learn how to:
● Turn heads and set pulses racing
● Get a date without even asking
● Have a first date that sizzles
● Get the guy or girl you want
● Keep the chemistry crackling long-term
Packed with simple tips and techniques, “How to Create Chemistry with Anyone” will show you what to do – and what not to do – to find and keep love.
In this book, based on the latest findings in cognitive science, she shows readers how to spark that elusive feeling of chemistry with almost anyone—and sustain it when the relationship moves to the next level, from marriage to parenthood and beyond.
Although chemistry affects nearly every relationship, few people understand it—what initiates it, what destroys it, and what makes it last forever. While genetic makeup and past experiences all play a role, there are many things you can do to influence it.
Ultrapractical, How to Create Chemistry with Anyone turns the complex neurological science of attachment into 75 easy communication strategies and unusual techniques that show readers what to do— and what not to do —to find and sustain love.
About the Author :
Motivated by a debilitating shyness in her youth, Leil has devoted her professional life to helping her audiences become more effective communicators in business, social, and romantic relationships. Previous to her ground-breaking personal development work, she was an elementary school teacher, flight attendant, television spokeswoman for two national products, substitute host on New York’s #1 radio talk show, cruise director, and Broadway actress. Today, Leil is the author of ten best-selling books, including, How to Talk to Anyone, How to Instantly Connect with Anyone, Good-bye to Shy, How to Be a People Magnet, and How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You.
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