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Dave Asprey – GAME CHANGERS : What Leaders, Innovators, And Mavericks Do To Win At Life

GAME CHANGERS : What Leaders, Innovators, And Mavericks Do To Win At Life

Dave Asprey


46 Science-Backed, High Performance “Laws” That Are A Virtual Playbook To Win In Life

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The New York Times bestselling author and founder and CEO of Bulletproof Coffee, Dave Asprey, answers the question:
– “How can I kick more ass at life?” or
– “How can you perform better at everything you do as a human being?”
By culling the wisdom of world-class thought leaders, maverick scientists, and disruptive entrepreneurs to provide proven techniques for becoming happier, healthier, and smarter. Therefore ,this book focuses on providing insights and strategies for individuals looking to excel in various aspects of life, including business, health, and personal development.
When Dave Asprey began his journey to upgrade every aspect of his life, he gained as much knowledge as he could from those he termed “game changers.” He then started his Bulletproof Radio podcast more than five years ago, he sought out influencers in an array of disciplines, from biochemists toiling in unknown laboratories to business leaders changing the world to mediation masters discovering inner peace.
Driven to gain and share the wisdom and insight from these high achievers, Dave created the Bulletproof Radio podcast and engaged his guests in enlightening conversations. His guests were some of the top performing humans in the world, people who had changed their areas of study or even pioneered entirely new fields. Dave wanted to know:
● What did they have in common?
● What mattered most to them?
● How did their work impact the world, and how can listeners use it in their own lives today?
● What made them so successful—and what made them tick?
● What beliefs and behaviors led to their success?
● And simply, what did they do to make it possible to achieve the things they have?
At the end of each interview, Dave asked the same question: “What are your top three recommendations for people who want to perform better at being human?”
A true “hacker” to the core, Dave ran a statistical analysis of the answers from more than 450 game changers and distilled them into three main categories:
◆ how to become smarter,
◆ how to become faster, and
◆ how to become happier.
Game Changers is the culmination of Dave’s years-long immersion in these conversations, detailing 46 science-backed “laws” readers can put into practice to upgrade performance, health, and happiness.
46 high-performance laws to help you live ‘smarter, faster and happier’ :
● LAW 1: the power of saying no.
●.LAW 2: Decide and create Who You Are.
● LAW 3: when you say I’m trying you are lying to yourself. You need to stop trying and start doing.
● LAW 4: even your false beliefs are true. You define your reality.
● LAW 5: keep learning.
● LAW 6: remember images and not words. Learn to read and images to maximize memory.
● LAW 7: Smart drugs are here to stay! Neotropics.
● LAW 8: Get out of your head.Fear of failure causes failure
● LAW 9: Stagnation kills innovation.
● LAW 10: fear is the mind Killer.
● LAW 11: average is the enemy.
● LAW 12: Don’t lead a horse to water, make it thirsty!
● LAW 13: don’t push your limits for too long.
● LAW 14: Miracles are possible only in the morning.
● LAW 15: don’t think with your labido.
● LAW 16 : The goal is to channel s*xual energy into your work.
● LAW 17: push your comfort zone when having sex.
● LAW 18: Use sex as your drug of choice. Porn is the high fructose syrup of the mind. Stay away!
● LAW 19: waking up early does not make you better.
● LAW 20: High quality sleep is better than more sleep!
● LAW 21: Go to sleep before your wake up call
● LAW 22: Walk before running.
● LAW 23: Strong muscles make you smarter and younger.
● LAW 24: Stay flexible by stretching
● LAW 25: make sure you’re really hungry for food.
● LAW 26: Eat like your great ancestors.
● LAW 27: Feed the Little bastards in your gut
● LAW 28: If you get toxins from only nature, you can get nutrients from
● LAW 29: track it to hack it.
● LAW 30: What doesn’t kill us strengthens us. Apply this to stress in life!
● LAW 31: Heal like Wolverine an age like Benjamin Button by getting stem cell injections yearly.
● LAW 32: You can put a price tag on happiness.
● LAW 33: Wealth is a symptom of happiness.
● LAW 34: The less you have the more you gain.
● LAW 35: Community helps you achieve more and be happy.
● LAW 36: You are a reflection of your community.
● LAW 37: No relationship is an island! Use energy wisely.
● LAW 38: Own the Voice in your head through meditating.
● LAW 39: Hijack your body’s attention. You control your thoughts.
● LAW 40: Meditate better and quicker for the results in a shorter amount of time.
● LAW 41: Make you’re environment less like a farm and more like a zoo. Spend time outdoors!
● LAW 42: Sunlight is mandatory 20 minutes a day unfiltered.
● LAW 43: Bathe in the forest instead of the tub.
● LAW 44: Gratitude is stronger than fear
● LAW 45: Forgive, but don’t be sorry.
● LAW 46: Gratitude is a muscle, learn to use it.
With anecdotes from game changers like Dr. Daniel Amen, Gabby Bernstein, Dr. David Perlmutter, Arianna Huffington, Esther Perel, and Tim Ferris as well as examples from Dave’s own life, Game Changers offers readers practical advice they can put into action to reap immediate rewards. From taming fear and anxiety to making better decisions, establishing high-performance habits, and practicing gratitude and mindfulness, Dave brings together the wisdom of today’s game-changers to help everyone kick more ass at life.
In “Game Changers,” Dave Asprey draws from his own experiences as an entrepreneur and biohacker, as well as interviews with numerous successful individuals, to identify common traits and practices that set game changers apart from the rest. The book explores topics such as biohacking, nutrition, mindset, and productivity, offering practical advice and actionable tips for readers who want to improve their own lives and achieve their goals. The key themes and takeaways from the book include:
☞ 1. Biohacking:Asprey introduces readers to the concept of biohacking, which involves using scientific and technological advancements to optimize one’s health and performance. He discusses the importance of factors like sleep, diet, and exercise in achieving peak performance.

☞ 2. Mindset: The book delves into the mindset and mental strategies that successful individuals use to overcome challenges, stay focused, and maintain a positive outlook.

☞ 3. Nutrition: Asprey places a strong emphasis on the role of nutrition in overall well-being and offers advice on making informed dietary choices to support cognitive function and physical vitality.

☞ 4. Productivity and Time Management: “Game Changers” provides insights into time management techniques and productivity hacks that can help individuals become more efficient and effective in their personal and professional lives.

☞ 5. Interviews and Case Studies: Throughout the book, Asprey shares stories and interviews with various high-achieving individuals, including entrepreneurs, scientists, and athletes, to illustrate the principles of success and personal growth.
Overall, “Game Changers” aims to inspire readers to take control of their lives, adopt a growth mindset, and make meaningful changes that can lead to success and fulfillment. It combines personal anecdotes, scientific research, and practical advice to offer a comprehensive guide for those looking to excel in various domains. However, it’s worth noting that the effectiveness of the strategies presented in the book may vary from person to person, and readers should approach them with a critical and discerning mindset.
About the Author :
Dave Asprey is a former Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur, a professional biohacker, an organic farmer, and the creator of Bulletproof Coffee. He spent nearly twenty years and $750,000 hacking his own biology, losing one hundred pounds and gaining a new level of performance. He is the chairman of the Silicon Valley Health Institute and host of the podcast Bulletproof Radio. He has been featured on the Today show, Good Morning America, Nightline, and CNN, as well as in the pages of Forbes, Vogue, Men’s Health, Rolling Stone, the Financial Times, the New York Times, and dozens more. His first book, The Bulletproof Diet, was a New York Times bestseller. He lives on Vancouver Island.


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