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John Adair – EFFECTIVE STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP : The Complete Guide to Strategic Management

Effective Strategic Leadership : The Complete Guide To Strategic Management

John Adair
Pre-loved, Paperback


How to Think And Plan Strategically & Provide Direction

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ISBN 9780330509435
Publisher Pan MacMillan
Publication Date 1/1/2010
Pages 224
Weight 249 g
Dimension 20.3 × 12.7 × 1.3 cm
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This over 600,000 copies sold bestseller in peperback edition is a preloved book and wrapped with protective book-wrapper. The original new book is sold at usual price RM58.74. Now here Only at RM13.

This book that will enable you to approach your role with confidence and help you to be the best manager you can be.

Since John Adair, one of the world’s foremost experts in leadership training, introduced the term ‘strategic leadership’ in the 1980s, it has come into universal use.

Strategic leaders are generally responsible for large organizations and may influence thousands of people.

It is their role to respond to change and external events, establishing a strong organizational structure, allocating resources and communicating strategic vision.

As a strategic leader, your decisions may appear more risky, your actions more visible and achieving results more complex than for organizational managers.

In Effective Strategic Leadership John Adair teaches you everything you need to know to enable you to be clear about what you want to achieve and to lead with purpose in order to turn your strategy into reality.

Among other things, he shows you how to:

● Judge situations quickly and respond accordingly

● Make decisions based on incomplete information

● Pick the best second-tier leaders to achieve your objectives

In your role as a strategic leader, your decisions will affect lots of peoole, commit a great deal of resources and have wide ranging consequences. Thus, The book that will enable you to approach your role with confidence and help you to be the best manager you can possibly be.

With the rapid trend away from management to business leadership, there is a need for a new, broader understanding of leadership.

This clear and authoritative guide answers the questions, ‘what is strategic leadership?’, ‘what makes a person effective as a strategic leader?’ and ‘how can I develop my abilities as a leader?’

The concept of leadership is relevant not only to organisational life but to all of us: everyone has to ‘lead’ their own life. To be a strategic life-leader means developing a vision and direction for one’s life, identifying personal core values and fostering an informal team among colleagues and associates.

‘Effective Strategic Leadership’ is as important for unstructured careers as it is in large companies or organisations.

About the Author
John Adair is an international leadership consultant to a wide variety of organizations in business, government, the voluntary sector, education and health, and has been named as one of the forty people worldwide who have contributed most to the development of management thought and practice. In 2009 the United Nations appointed him as Chair of Strategic Leadership Studies at its central college in Turin. He has written over forty books on leadership, management and history, which have been translated into many languages.

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