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Po Bronson & Arvind Gupta – DECODING THE WORLD : A Roadmap for the Questioner

DECODING THE WORLD : A Roadmap for the Questioner

Po Bronson & Arvind Gupta


Provides A Roadmap For Those Who Want To Understand The World Around Them & Make Sense Of The Complex Issues Facing society Today

ISBN 9781538754191
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Publisher Twelve Books (Hachette Book Group)
Publication Date 6th October 2020
Pages 352
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★★ A vision of the future where the latest Silicon Valley tech meets cutting-edge genetics ★★
Find out where our world is headed with this dazzling first-hand account of inventing the future from the #1 New York Times bestselling author and the founder of science accelerator IndieBio.
Decoding the World is a buddy adventure about the quest to live meaningfully in a world with such uncertainty. It starts with Po Bronson coming to IndieBio. This book explores the art of asking questions and how curiosity drives innovation and understanding in today’s complex world. It provides a roadmap for those who want to understand the world around them and make sense of the complex issues facing society today. The main idea of the book is to encourage readers to become questioners and critical thinkers, and to provide practical strategies for decoding the world.

Arvind Gupta created IndieBio as a laboratory for early biotech startups trying to solve major world problems. Glaciers melting. Dying bees. Infertility. Cancer. Ocean plastic. Pandemics. Arvind is the fearless one, a radical experimentalist. Po is the studious detective, patiently synthesizing clues others have missed. Their styles mix and create a quadratic speedup of creativity. Yin and Yang crystallized.
As they travel around the world, finding scientists to join their cause, the authors bring their firsthand experience to the great mysteries that haunt our future. Natural resource depletion. Job-taking robots. China’s global influence. Arvind feels he needs to leave IndieBio to help startups do more than just get started. But as his departure draws near, he struggles to leave the sanctum he created. While Po has to prove he can keep the “indie” in IndieBio after Arvind is gone.
After looking through their lens, you’ll never see the world the same. The authors emphasize the importance of being a good questioner in an age of information overload. They argue that asking the right questions is a fundamental skill in navigating the complexities of our rapidly changing world. Therefore, the book delves into the power of inquiry and its role in addressing a wide range of global challenges.
The book presents a series of questions and strategies for decoding the world, including:
☞ Ask questions and challenge assumptions
☞ Seek out diverse perspectives and opinions
☞ Embrace complexity and uncertainty
☞ Use data and evidence to inform decisions
☞ Collaborate and work together to solve problems
☞ Be open-minded and willing to learn
☞ Take action and make a difference
☞ Build strong relationships and networks
☞ Be adaptable and flexible
☞ Stay curious and keep asking questions
The book emphasizes the importance of being a questioner and a critical thinker in today’s complex world, and it provides practical strategies for decoding the world and making sense of the issues facing society today. Some key themes and takeaways may include:
● The Value of Curiosity: The book discusses the significance of curiosity and how it fuels the quest for knowledge and innovation.
● The Art of Asking Questions: It offers insights into the art of asking questions effectively, whether in scientific research, business, or personal development.
● Innovation and Problem-Solving: The authors explore how asking the right questions can lead to breakthroughs and solutions in various fields.
● Complexity and the Information Age: “Decoding the World” examines how we can navigate the complexities of our modern world through thoughtful inquiry.
● Interdisciplinary Approach: It may emphasize the importance of taking an interdisciplinary approach to questions and problem-solving.
● Case Studies: The book may provide real-world examples and case studies of individuals and organizations that have excelled at asking questions to drive progress.
● Ethics and Social Impact: The authors might discuss the ethical considerations of asking questions and how questions can lead to positive social impact.
“Decoding the World” is a valuable resource for those interested in the power of inquiry and how asking the right questions can lead to a deeper understanding of the world and its challenges. It may also provide practical guidance on becoming a better questioner. Overall, it is a thought-provoking book that encourages readers to question assumptions, seek out diverse perspectives, and take action to make a difference in the world.
About the Authors :
Po Bronson is Managing Director of IndieBio. His science journalism has been honored with nine national awards, and cited in 185 academic journals and 503 books. He’s the author of seven bestselling books, including the #1 New York Times bestseller What Should I Do With My Life?
Arvind Gupta is the founder of IndieBio, the world’s largest biotech accelerator, and a partner at Mayfield. Previously he was design director of IDEO in Shanghai. He has a degree in genetic engineering from University of California, Santa Barbara. In the past two decades he has been a BASE jumper, big wall climber, and jiu-jitsu grappler.
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