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Amy Morin – 13 THINGS MENTALLY STRONG WOMEN DON’T DO : Own Your Power, Channel Your Confidence, And Find Your Authentic Voice

13 THINGS MENTALLY STRONG WOMEN DON’T DO : Own Your Power, Channel Your Confidence, And Find Your Authentic Voice For A Life Of Meaning And Joy

Amy Morin


13 Things Women Should Avoid On Their Journey Towards Strength, Empowerment And Success

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Publication Date 31 December 2018
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In the time of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, international bestselling author and leading global expert on mental strength Amy Morin turns her focus to feminism, explaining what it means—and what it takes—to be a mentally strong woman. Morin identifies certain behaviours and habits that can hold women back from reaching their full potential and achieving mental strength.
Women around the globe, it’s time to finally speak up, speak out, be heard, become stronger than ever, and live more meaningful lives. Women encounter a myriad of obstacles, from sexual harassment to unequal pay to objectification and discrimination. But there are very specific tips that each woman, no matter her age or her station in life, can follow right now to make important and significant changes.
In this book, women will learn to flex their mental muscles and hurdle over the roadblocks that keep them from achieving their greatest goals. While many people focus on what women should do to live their best lives, only one author will tell women in no uncertain terms which behaviors to avoid in order to become mentally strong.

The emergence of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have awakened society and encouraged women to find their voice and claim their power. But to do this, women must learn to improve their own mental strength. Contending with a host of difficult issues—from sexual assault on college campuses, to equal pay and pay gaps, to mastering different negotiation styles—demands psychological toughness. In this crucial book, prominent psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker Amy Morin gives women the techniques to build mental muscle—and just as important, she teaches them what not to do.
What does it mean to be a mentally strong woman? Delving into critical issues like sexism, social media, social comparison, and social pressure, Amy addresses this question and offers thoughtful, intelligent advice, practical tips, and specific strategies and combines them with personal experiences, stories from former patients, and both well-known and untold examples from women from across industries and pop culture. Throughout, she explores the areas women—and society at large—must focus on to become (and remain) mentally strong.
Now Amy Morin, psychotherapist and author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, teaches women everywhere how to fortify themselves and face challenges in this powerful, necessary book for our time, breaking down the thirteen habits and mind-sets that women must avoid in order to master their mental strength.
These 13 tried-and-true principles show women how to tackle problems and tough situations in order to live their best—and most powerful—lives, and there’s no better guide through the process than Morin, the leading global voice on mental strength. Drawing on scientific evidence, case studies from her own patients, and even celebrity stories of hardship and triumph, Morin shows how mental strength can come from anywhere regardless of career, marriage, or family life.
From introducing ways to stop blaming yourself to becoming a rule-breaker, Morin demonstrates how to navigate some of the hardest challenges that women face, while proposing experience-based solutions that promote mental fortitude. By integrating these easy-to-follow exercises and practical tips into daily life, Morin shows that mental strength is achievable—and necessary—to become a strong woman. In addition she discusses how mental strength practice can help with the difficult realities of sexism that still exist even in the era of the #MeToo movement and awareness of workplace harassment, providing specific strategies for dealing with these persistent issues.
Morin provides insights and strategies for women to overcome these self-limiting behaviors and develop mental strength. The goal is to empower women to take control of their lives, build resilience, and achieve their goals by adopting healthier and more positive habits and attitudes. Here are the 13 things that she outlines in the book:

● 1. They don’t compare themselves to others : Mentally strong women focus on their own journey and don’t measure their worth based on others’ achievements or appearances.

● 2. They don’t insist on perfection : They understand that perfection is unrealistic and that making mistakes is a natural part of growth.

● 3. They don’t see vulnerability as a weakness : They embrace vulnerability and understand that it’s a source of strength and authenticity.

● 4. They don’t let self-doubt stop them from reaching their goals : Mentally strong women recognize self-doubt but don’t let it prevent them from taking risks and pursuing their goals.

● 5. They don’t overthink everything : They avoid getting trapped in endless cycles of rumination and instead focus on problem-solving.

● 6. They don’t avoid tough Challenges : Mentally strong women are willing to face difficult situations, problems, or obstacles head-on. They don’t shy away from challenges or give up easily when faced with adversity. Instead, they embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, learning, and building resilience.

● 7. They don’t fear breaking the rules : Being open to challenging conventional norms and expectations, as long as it aligns with one’s values and goals.

● 8. They don’t put others down to lift themselves up : mentally strong women do not engage in behaviors that involve belittling, criticizing, or demeaning others in an attempt to boost their own self-esteem or confidence.

● 9. They don’t let others limit their potential : Mentally strong women are encouraged to have confidence in their abilities and to pursue their goals and dreams regardless of any naysayers or doubters or external influences, opinions, or criticisms from others.

● 10. They don’t blame themselves when something goes wrong : This principle underscores the significance of not engaging in excessive self-blame and self-criticism when faced with setbacks, failures, or challenging situations. it’s natural for things to go wrong at times, and they recognize that they are not solely responsible for every negative outcome. They avoid the trap of taking on unnecessary guilt or blame when circumstances are beyond their control.

● 11. They don’t stay silent : This principle encourages women to find and use their authentic voices, to speak up, and to express themselves assertively. They understand that staying silent in situations where their opinions, needs, or rights are at stake can hinder personal growth and lead to unaddressed issues.

● 12. They don’t feel bad about reinventing themselves : Mentally strong women understand that life is dynamic, and personal growth often involves evolving and reinventing oneself. They don’t let fear, guilt, or societal expectations hold them back from making positive changes in their lives, pursuing new opportunities, or exploring different paths.

● 13. They don’t downplay their success : This concept emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and celebrating one’s achievements and successes without diminishing or minimizing them. Mentally strong women recognize the value of their hard work, dedication, and accomplishments. Instead of downplaying their success out of modesty or fear of seeming arrogant, they allow themselves to take pride in their achievements and acknowledge their worth.
Featuring stories and experiences from dozens of women and offering a timely approach to the hard-hitting difficulties women are facing—including calling out sexism, fighting harassment, and finding confidence—Morin confronts the status quo by giving women the time, space, and energy to prioritize themselves. The end result frees you from the confusing practices and obstacles that women face every day, and helps inspire you to achieve the mental strength you need to create a life of authentic meaning and joy.
The book provides practical advice and strategies for women to develop mental strength, confidence, and resilience in various aspects of their lives. Keep in mind that these principles can apply to people of any gender who seek to enhance their mental strength and well-being. Wise, grounded, and essential, 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do can help every woman flourish—and ultimately improve our society as well.
About the Author :
Amy Morin is a licensed clinical social worker, instructor at Northeastern University, and psychotherapist. She is the author of the international bestseller 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, as well as 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do. Amy is a regular contributor to Verywell, CNBC, Forbes, Inc., and Psychology Today. She gave one of the most viewed TEDx talks of all time and was named the “self-help guru of the moment” by The Guardian. She lives in Marathon, Florida. 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do is her third book.

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