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Mark Johnson & Josh Suskewicz – LEAD FROM THE FUTURE : How to Turn Visionary Thinking Into Breakthrough Growth

《HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW》LEAD FROM THE FUTURE : How to Turn Visionary Thinking Into Breakthrough Growth

Mark W. Johnson & Josh Suskewicz


A Framework For Developing Forward-Looking Vision & Strategy That Can Lead To Innovative Sustainable Growth

ISBN 9781633697546
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Publisher Harvard Business Review Press
Publication Date 14 April 2020
Pages 256
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★★ Gold Medal Winner for Best Leadership Book in the 2021 Axiom Business Book Awards ★★
★★ Named one of the “Top Ten Technology Books Of 2020” — Forbes ★★
★★ Named one of the “10 Best New Business Books of 2020” by Inc. magazine ★★
★★ “6 Business Books You Need to Read to Level Up” — Success magazine ★★
An innovative approach to strategy development that empowers leaders to envision the breakthrough opportunities that drive long-term growth—and then implement the initiatives that are needed to bring them to life.
We all know a visionary leader when we see one. They’re bold and prophetic and at the same time pragmatic. They don’t just promote change–they drive it, while inspiring and mobilizing others to do the same. Transformational business visionaries like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos, or political figures like Mandela and FDR, possess a range of innate qualities that make them extraordinary, but what truly sets them apart is their ability to turn vision into action.
In this book, Johnson provides insights and strategies for leaders and organizations to think and plan for the future in a visionary and transformative way. It focuses on helping leaders and organizations develop a forward-thinking approach to drive growth and innovation. The book enables any manager to become a practical visionary and presents a systematic approach to overcoming the barriers to change that exist in established organizations.

In Lead from the Future, Innosight’s Mark W. Johnson and Josh Suskewicz introduce a new way of thinking and managing, called “future-back,” that enables any manager to become a practical visionary. Addressing the many barriers to change that exist in established organizations, they present a systematic approach to overcoming them that laying out :
● The principles and mind-set that allow leadership teams to look beyond typical short-term planning horizons
● A method for turning emerging challenges into the growth opportunities that can define an organization’s future
● A step-by-step approach for translating a vision into a strategic plan that teams can align around and commit to
● A way to infuse visionary thinking into the processes and culture of your whole organization, so that it becomes both a repeatable capability and a way of life
The “future-back” approach introduced is a new way of thinking and managing that enables any manager to become a practical visionary. The approach emphasizes the importance of developing a compelling future vision for a company and taking the necessary steps to bring that vision to life. It is a systematic approach to overcoming the barriers to change that exist in established organizations.
The approach is based on future-back thinking, which is low in initial knowledge and high in assumptions, and aims to discover what could be true. The authors offer a three-step process to help leaders develop visionary strategies and bring them to life, which includes
☞ developing a vision,
☞ converting vision to strategy,
☞ and bringing the vision to life.
The approach is designed to help leaders navigate today’s disruptions and lead with purpose. Hence, the “future-back” approach is a mindset and approach that promotes a business’s growth and relevance far into the future.
As practical as it is inspiring, “Lead from the Future” is the guide you and your team need to think as clearly, creatively, and expansively as visionary company founders do–and then act decisively to turn your innovative ideas into breakthrough growth. The Key themes and concepts covered in the book include:
◆ 1. Future-Back Thinking: Mark W. Johnson introduces the concept of “future-back thinking,” where leaders create a future vision and develop strategies and innovations to realize that vision. This approach encourages organizations to lead by setting a future direction rather than reacting to current circumstances.
◆ 2. Scenario Planning: The book likely discusses the use of scenario planning to explore different possible futures and helps leaders identify potential challenges and opportunities.
◆ 3. Innovation and Growth: Johnson emphasizes the role of innovation in driving growth, highlighting how visionary thinking can lead to breakthrough innovations that propel organizations forward.
◆ 4. Leadership and Change: “Lead from the Future” is also likely to touch upon the leadership qualities and organizational changes necessary to drive and support future-oriented thinking.
The book is valuable for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking to anticipate and shape the future of their organizations. It provides a framework for developing a forward-looking vision and strategy that can lead to innovative breakthroughs and sustainable growth.
In a nutshell, “Lead from the Future” is a practical guide for leaders and decision-makers who want to develop a strategic, forward-looking approach to drive innovation and growth. It offers a framework and actionable insights for thinking and planning for the future with a visionary mindset. It is a must-read for leaders seeking practical solutions for transforming their businesses and developing a vision for the future.
About the Authors :
Mark W. Johnson cofounded the strategy and innovation management consultancy Innosight with Clayton M. Christensen in 2000. His books include Dual Transformation and Reinvent Your Business Model, both published by Harvard Business Review Press. He lives in Belmont, Massachusetts, with his wife, Jane Clayson Johnson, and their younger children.
Josh Suskewicz is a partner at Innosight, where he leads consulting engagements in numerous industries, specializing in life sciences and medtech. He lives with his wife, Rachel, and their two children in Brooklyn, New York.

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