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Jeff John Roberts – KINGS OF CRYPTO – One Startup’s Quest To Take Cryptocurrency Out Of Silicon Valley & Onto Wall Street

《HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW》KINGS OF CRYPTO – One Startup’s Quest To Take Cryptocurrency Out Of Silicon Valley And Onto Wall Street

Jeff John Roberts


The Story Of The Rise Of Cryptocurrency & One Startup’s Mission To Bring It Into The Mainstream Financial World

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ISBN 9781647820183
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Publisher Harvard Business Review Press
Publication Date 15 December 2020
Pages 256
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★★ Bitcoin Unraveled ★★
★★ Journalist Jeff John Roberts sheds some much-needed light on bitcoin via the saga of Coinbase and its founder, Brian Armstrong ★★
Tech writer Roberts debuts with a page-turning account of the rise of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase from the Y Combinator startup incubator to becoming a “pillar of the larger crypto economy.”
Therefore, “Kings of Crypto” provides an inside look into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, focusing on a startup’s efforts to bridge the gap between the innovative Silicon Valley cryptocurrency scene and the traditional financial institutions on Wall Street. The book follows the journey of Silicon Valley entrepreneur Brian Armstrong and the turbulent rocket ride of his startup as he tries to take Bitcoin mainstream while navigating the challenges of the traditional financial system
Brian Armstrong stepped onto the stage with quiet confidence. He turned to the audience and shared his idea with the simple slogan: “Coinbase, the easiest way to get started with bitcoin.” The startup featured in “Kings of Crypto” is Coinbase. The story of Coinbase is a little different from other Valley startups. When Brian and Fred Ehrsam co-founded Coinbase, things were quite different. People used to mention bitcoin and scam in the same breath. So the challenge for Brian and co. was not only to get their startup off the ground but also to fight the stigma that encompassed the entire crypto fraternity.

Coinbase launched in 2012 with a mission to “make bitcoin simpler,” and in time it folded in other cryptocurrencies; after a successful A round of funding, one venture capitalist called it the “JP Morgan of bitcoin.” By 2017, Coinbase had hundreds of employees, who aided the company in weathering 2018’s “crypto winter” when bitcoin prices fell dramatically, and a year later the company controlled “more than 5 percent of all bitcoins in existence.”
For a moment late in 2018, one bitcoin, which physically amounts to a few electrons blipping on a tiny bit of silicon, was worth $20,000–the same as a pound of gold. Libertarian technologists who believed bitcoin would be the foundation of a new world order saw the moment as an apotheosis. Everyone else saw a bubble. Everyone else was right, and the bubble burst. But bitcoin survived, and the battle for its soul rages on.
“Kings of Crypto” drops us into the unfolding drama, tracing the rise, fall, and rebirth of cryptocurrency through the experiences of major players across the globe. We follow Silicon Valley entrepreneur Brian Armstrong and the turbulent rocket ride of his startup, Coinbase, as he tries to take bitcoin mainstream while fighting off hackers, thieves, and zealots.
Coinbase, founded in 2012, aimed to simplify the buying and selling of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The company went through the Y Combinator startup accelerator, which recognized the potential of Armstrong’s idea. As Coinbase grew, it played a significant role in reshaping the future of finance by bridging the gap between the world of cryptocurrencies and traditional Wall Street.
Author Jeff John Roberts keenly observes the world of virtual currencies and what happens when startups try to disrupt the world of high finance. Clear explanations of crypto technology are woven into an amazing landscape full of meme-fueled startup hijinks, hacking (so much hacking!), shady investors, government investigations, billionaire bros and their Lambos, and closed-door meetings with Jamie Dimon. This is the surprising story of the origins of cryptocurrency and how it is changing money forever.
Key themes and topics covered in “Kings of Crypto” include:

● Cryptocurrency Innovation : The book explores how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are changing the financial landscape and challenging the established norms of Wall Street.

● Startups in the Crypto Space : It likely discusses the challenges and opportunities faced by startups attempting to enter the cryptocurrency market and the broader financial industry.

● Entrepreneurship : The book may provide insights into the mindset and experiences of entrepreneurs and pioneers in the cryptocurrency space, shedding light on their motivations and struggles.

● Regulatory Challenges : Given the regulatory complexities surrounding cryptocurrencies, “Kings of Crypto” may delve into the legal and regulatory hurdles that startups encounter in their efforts to bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream.

● Impact on Wall Street : The book might examine how the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is impacting traditional financial institutions and whether Wall Street is adapting to or resisting this disruptive force.

● The Human Side of Crypto : Expect to find stories about key figures in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, including their successes, failures, and the personal sacrifices they’ve made to advance their ideas.
Jeff John Roberts is a journalist with expertise in technology and cryptocurrency, and his book provides a well-researched and engaging narrative that offers readers a deep dive into the evolution of cryptocurrency and the efforts of entrepreneurs to bring it into the mainstream financial world.
Overall , the main focus of the book is to provide a detailed account of the rise, fall, and rebirth of cryptocurrency through the experiences of major players, with a particular emphasis on the journey of Coinbase, a leading digital currency exchange.

◆ Cryptocurrency Landscape: The book explores the world of cryptocurrencies, including the hacker-libertarian culture that produced them and the underlying technology, such as blockchain.

◆ Journey: The story revolves around Coinbase, its rapid rise as one of the dominant platforms for trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and the controversies it has faced along the way.

◆ Bridge Between Silicon Valley and Wall Street: The book highlights Coinbase’s mission to bridge the gap between the world of cryptocurrencies and the traditional financial system, particularly Wall Street.

◆ Challenges and Opportunities: “Kings of Crypto” delves into the challenges and opportunities faced by the cryptocurrency industry as it seeks to gain acceptance in the mainstream financial world, navigating issues such as regulation, security, and public perception.
Eccentric characters, like one executive who eats only a combination of Tate’s cookies and half-and-half for days at a stretch, make for a zippy narrative with plenty of personality. Roberts brings the murky world of cryptocurrency to life in this novelistic, unforgettable story.
About the Author :
Jeff John Roberts covers subjects such as cryptocurrency, patent reform, blockchain technology, hacking, and privacy in the age of social media for Fortune. His work has also appeared in a variety of other outlets, including Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Reuters, Fortune, and the New York Times. He is an authority on copyright law and other intellectual property issues and is licensed to practice law in New York and Ontario. He has appeared on the BBC, CNN, NBC, CheddarTV, and other outlets to share his perspectives on technology and the law.

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