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Culture Of Champion (C-O-C) Program – Building Effective Leaders

Why is the “Culture of Champions (C-O-C)” important to you?

The world today is full of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity or V.U.C.A. In such a world, the ability to survive and succeed in whatever we do must begin with having the right mindset. It seems that many people are talking about the importance of having the right mindset and no less also really understand it.

However, it seems that we do not have a specific, practical, and systematic method to make it easier for us to build the necessary mindset.

If this is not addressed, it will be difficult for us to survive and succeed in whatever we do. This definitely makes our lives more stressful in a world that already has various stresses.

To address this need, a program called ‘Culture of Champions’ is prepared (comprise of four main modules as below) which emphasizes the ‘Understand-Apply-Coaching’ approach that is seen as essential to address the challenges mentioned above;

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Culture Of Champion – 4 Mindset
  1. Developing Growth Mindset
    In this module, will be shared tools to build the above mindset namely, V.U.C.A Table, Stick Person Concept, and S.W.O.T.
  2. Developing Leadership Mindset
    In this module, will be shared tools to build the above mindset namely, F.E.D and A.D.K.A.R. Model.
  3. Developing Business Mindset
    In this module, will be shared tools to build the above mindset namely, Value Proposition Canvas and Business Model Canvas.
  4. Developing Collaborative Mindset
    In this module, will be shared tools to build the above mindset namely, Team Alignment Map, Team Contract, Fact Finder, The Respect Card, and The Nonviolent Requests Guide.

Some may feel they already know about the tools mentioned above, but be aware that all of these tools will be described from a whole new point of view. The story is simple but rarely known to people.

The real value of this program lies in the willingness of the participants to apply the ideas in a specific manner from the four modules above in their lives and followed by coaching to help them solve any complexities in applying the ideas. We must also emphasize here that the success of using these ideas is highly dependent on the intentions of the participants. In other words, this is not a quick-fix program but if the participants are committed, past experience has shown that it is capable of producing effective results.

It is believed that when these four mindset are built in a person, it will make him or her more agile and able to lead in seizing and striving to achieve any opportunity present in life. Not only that, by going through the process in this program, it will also be able to build effective leadership capability in a person.

Video Introduction of Culture Of Champions Program – by author / trainer Encik Mior Azli Mior Md Isa.

Introduction Of Culture Of Champions Program – Building Effective Leaders

The Culture Of Champions (C-O-C) Program – Journey of Growth will take about 16 weeks to complete.

COC - Journey Of Growth - 800
COC – Journey Of Growth

Encik Mior Azli Mior Md Isa is passionate and committed to guiding those who are interested in the Culture of Champions (C-O-C) and wish success for themselves. Fair warning though, we will also require commitment from the participants. It takes two to tango after all!

Please contact Encik Mior Azli Mior Md Isa at his personal email if you would love to learn more about the Culture of Champions.


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