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Welcome to the ‘Connected World,’ where we are connected to everyone and everything !

For many of us, the idea of leaving home without our mobile phone or tablet, or having no access to the Internet or to our Whatsapp, email or any social media Apps for any great length of time, is unthinkable.

In today’s tech-driven digital world, the latest electronic gadgetry — be it a tablet, smartphone, games console or even wearable devices — are our constant companions and the new objects of desire for new age consumers because everyone want “CONNECTIVITY“.

TRUSTEX believes in :



Today and future will be one in which truly connected because connectivity has the power to reshape our world.

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Connectivity is one of Trustex’s Value Propositions offering to the customers

The world of communication has changed. Digital technology is the greatest invention to enable the ability to connect with friends, customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders via multiple channels, from digital signage to mobile platforms or by harnessing the power of social media.


Regardless of TEC members or non-TEC members, any enquiries , sales order, parcel delivery, learning workshop registration, suggestions, comments, complaints and even services to help you finding favourite books not listed in our sites, just connect with us and we will get back in touch with you soonest possible.

Therefore , we are delighted and ready to get in touch with you in any forms or any ways by providing you the various means just to stay connected with us conveniently and effectively.

You can choose your preferred tools to contact us conveniently whether through whatsapp or other social media channels at the following One-Stop Connectivity sites .

Carousell is our Main Books Listing Online Platform. There are more than 2800 titles listed in our page. You can always browse through and buy books with us online.

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         : +6018-2666913  (For Sales enquiry, order process and parcel delivery matter)
CX Center             : +6018-6632330  (For TEC Member enquiry, customer feedback or complaints)
Denny                   : +6016-2981106  (For all matters and learning workshop enquiry)

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